27 Jul 2013

Cougar Cams on to R-Patz

Smitten Diaz out to get young Brit

Robert Pattinson with Cameron Diaz
Blossom Robert Pattinson with Cameron Diaz

CAMERON DIAZ didn’t waste any time accepting an invite to a wine-tasting weekend from her old pal REESE WITHERSPOON.

Not only because it involves copious amounts of booze but because ROBERT PATTINSON is going to be there.
The 40-year-old actress was quick to RSVP Reese about her do at her Californian ranch because she wants a bit of fun with R-Patz.
A source said: “Cameron thinks Rob is really hot and is up for making a play for him.
“The fact that he’s 27 doesn’t bother her.
“She has known him for a while but decided to keep a respectful distance while he was in that relationship with KRISTEN STEWART.
“But now he’s single so as soon as she knew Reese was hosting a four-day wine-tasting weekend at her home in Ojai, she was quick to get in on the act.”
Reese and Rob became friends after starring in Water For Elephants.
And although Cameron and R-Patz haven’t worked together yet, they were spotted having a flirt last year.
The stars sat next to one another at a film bash in Los Angeles, growing closer as the night wore on.
R-Patz was with Kristen at the time so although he chatted, he was a good boy.
Most blokes would like to have one chance with Cameron. This lucky brute gets two.
Don’t mess it up, Rob.

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