27 Jul 2013

Avril Lavigne sexes up army gear with suspenders.

Singer Avril Lavigne is spotted on the set of her new music video wearing some very high platform boots with multiple buckles in Palmdale, California.
sTANDING TO ATTENTION ... Avril Lavigne in her new music video

AVRIL Lavigne stands to salute as she shoots her latest music video in suspenders and army garb.

The newlywed singer made the military gesture while dressed up as an alternative soldier wearing suspenders, platform boots and a green bustier in the promo for single Mad Max.
Accessorising the soldierly ensemble was a multitude of shiny bullets, grenades and handcuffs that were draped over the singer.
An embellished helmet sat atop her long blonde locks, sections of which were pink.
Avril Lavigne in army gear
Getting tanked... Avril's elaborate outfit included a studded arm cuff, bullets, grenades and handcuffs
The outfit was based on the iconic animated character, Tank Girl, which was brought to life in the video.
Avril is known for her eccentric fashion choices, choosing a dramatic black gown for her recent wedding to Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger.
The pair tied the knot in a ceremony in France on July 1.
Avril Lavigne with new husband Chad Kroeger
Happy couple! Avril with new husband Chad Kroeger

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