27 Jul 2013

Rihanna boobs in lawsuit and lands £30k fine.

Yacht a sight ... Rihanna

RIHANNA posts a down-cleavage selfie from a yacht – as she is hit with a fine of £30,000 after making a boob in an ongoing lawsuit.

The Diamonds singer – who partied on the luxury craft ahead of last night’s gig in Norway – had been suing her former accountants for mismanagement, claiming the firm owes her millions.
But the move backfired when she failed to turn up at various court hearings, and got whacked with the five-figure fine.
According to the accountants, Berdon LLP, the star’s no-shows at court have cost them thousands in legal fees.
She has missed at least five court dates over nine months and even failed to show when the whole thing was moved to London to fit in with her Diamonds tour dates, last month.
She said she was sick on the day, but Berdon dismiss the claim, saying she was tweeting around that date with no mention of illness, and she performed the following night.
Bitter taste ... Rihanna on yacht
Berdon – who asked the judge to fine the 25-year-old and dismiss her case against them — said it’s “been pushed beyond the breaking point” and “cannot excuse her behaviour.”
They deny any wrong-doing and have accused the Bajan hitmaker of bringing financial woes on herself.
Yesterday, the judge ruled in their favour over the fine, but he gave Rihanna one more chance to turn up and plead her case.
A new hearing has been set for August 28 – and with a six week break from her tour engagements scheduled from the end of July, she has no excuse for not turning up this time.

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