28 Jul 2013

Shazza rants banned


Sharon Osbourne
Potty mouth ... X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne
X FACTOR judge Sharon Osbourne’s return is giving programme bosses a headache – because she keeps turning the air blue.
They have already decided to ditch some pre-recorded audition scenes to avoid airing her outbursts on the ITV family show.
Now producers fear Shazza will slip up in the live shows and have warned her to control her language.
A source said: “Sharon has been on fine form. But so much has to be edited out as she keeps cursing on camera.
“Sometimes she becomes so involved she forgets to censor her language and swear words just pour out.
“It could cause real problems when we get round to the live shows.”
TV Biz told earlier this month how Sharon faced a police rap after chucking a pen at an OAP during his try-out. He later reported her for assault.
She berated pensioner Jonnie Rocco after he had a go at her rocker husband Ozzy during an audition in Manchester.
Sharon told him: “Don’t you talk about my f***ing husband” before telling security: “Get him out of my f***ing room.”
Greater Manchester Police said afterwards they would write to show bosses to remind them to “conduct themselves in a professional manner” – but would take no other action.

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